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How to Set up Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™

Apple CarPlay in a 2021 Honda Accord


Have you purchased a new Honda vehicle and are looking for a guide on how to set up Apple CarPlay® for Honda vehicles? You’re in luck! The Cookeville Honda service team has provided a very simple guide on how to use Android Auto™ wirelessly,and how to set up Apple CarPlay® for honda vehicles. Follow the guide closely for a smoother commute from Nashville to target_city_3%%.



How to Set Up Apple CarPlay® for Honda Vehicles

The guide below will help you set up Apple CarPlay® for Honda vehicles wirelessly and with cable connections.

Connecting with a Cable:

  • Consult the owner’s manual to verify Apple CarPlay compatibility.
  • Start the vehicle, and turn on Siri.
  • Connect iPhone to the car with authorized Apple USB into the USB port in the Honda vehicle.

Connecting Wirelessly:

  • Go to” Settings”on the device.
  • Select ‘General’ in Settings.
  • Select ‘CarPlay’
  • Once you reach the CarPlay settings screen, if you have Bluetooth® switched off, you’ll be asked to ‘enable wireless CarPlay’.
  • Press and hold the voice button located on the steering wheel or select the option in your stereo’s menu to begin wirelessly pairing your device and the stereo system.

How to Use Android Auto™ for Honda Vehicles:

The guide below will show you how to use Android Auto™ wireless. Follow the instructions closely to learn how to use Android Auto™ without usb connectivity.

How to Use Android Auto™ Wireless:

  • Consult the vehicle owner’s manual to make sure that both your phone and vehicle have USB connectivity.
  • Connect phone to car with USB cable
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to set up the first connection.
  • Disconnect the USB cable.

Many Lebanon drivers are curious as to how to use Android Auto™ without USB compatibility. After you have completed these initial steps above, you will no longer have to have a USB present in order to use Android Auto™.

The Cookeville Honda Service Team is Here to Help!

Now that you have learned how to use Android Auto™ wireless, how to set up Android Auto™ for Honda vehicles, and how to use Android Auto™ without USB connectivity, stop by our Cookeville dealership for all your service needs. Our experienced service technicians are happy to answer any pressing questions that you may have and will notify you of our service specials. Contact us for more information!


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