How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

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Most dealerships in Cookeville will purchase your vehicle through buyback programs or when you’re trading-in your old car when purchasing a new vehicle. So, you may ask yourself, what benefits do selling my car to a dealership provide? By selling your vehicle to a dealership, you can put the trade-in value towards your new vehicle, and save significant cash. Learn more about selling your vehicle to a dealership with Cookeville Honda! For more information about selling your vehicle near Nashville, feel free to contact us anytime!

Selling My Car to a Dealership? 

Selling your car to a dealership is an easy and straightforward process. Let’s check it out below:

  • Clean Up Your Car: Washing and detailing your vehicle, and making small repairs will significantly help increase your vehicle’s value when taking it to a dealership for an appraisal. 
  • Highlight the Benefits of your Vehicle: Making a detailed list of your vehicle’s maintenance records and key features is a great way to show the dealership that the vehicle is well-maintained. 
  • Provide Vehicle Title: Making sure that your title is ready will help you and the dealer save significant time, and make the entire process much faster. 
  • Research Your Car’s Value: Researching value with tools such as Kelley Blue Book,, and even the dealership to determine your trade-in value.
  • Choose the Right Dealership: If your vehicle is only a few years old, most Carthage dealerships will purchase your trade without a detailed appraisal. If your vehicle is older, you may have better luck at a used car dealership. 

Selling My Car to a Dealership: What to Expect

Now that your vehicle is ready for trade-in, here’s what you can expect throughout the appraisal process:

  • Make an Appointment: You may be able to sell your vehicle by just walking into the dealership, however, it’s better to make an appointment so they can prepare for the appraisal and get all the necessary documents together. 
  • Used Car Manager: You’ll likely be put in touch with a used car manager, who will run a vehicle history report and collect any other important information about your vehicle. 
  • Inspection: The used car manager may then inspect your vehicle, or it will be sent to the service center for a detailed inspection to determine the mechanical condition of the vehicle.  
  • Negotiate Your Offer: You can either accept or negotiate the offer based on your previous research. You could also go to another dealership if they provide a better offer. 

Advantages of Selling Your Car 

There are a few key benefits of selling your car to a dealership:

  • Save Time: By selling your car to a dealership, you could avoid having to market your vehicle, and won’t have to list your vehicle online. You also don’t have to look for the right buyer or invite people to your Lebanon home.
  • Reduces New Car Price: When selling your car to a dealership, you’ll be able to put your trade-in value towards your new vehicle, and lower your monthly payments.
  • Reduced Taxes: When trading your vehicle into a dealership, the only tax you pay is the difference between your trade and the price of your new car.

Learn More About Selling Your Car at Cookeville Honda!

So, now that you know the answer to, “What are the benefits of selling my car to a dealership?”, come stop by Cookeville Honda to value your trade today! You can even meet with our finance center to get the best monthly payment possible for your new vehicle!

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