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Returning a Leased Car

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Many Nashville area drivers that have leased a new vehicle find themselves wondering, “What are the proper steps to returning a leased car?” They may even be wondering whether or not they should pursue returning a leased car early. The finance team has provided a simple guide that will help Cookeville drivers like you who are wondering, “Can you return a leased car early?” Read on for answers to this and all your other automotive-service related questions!



Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

Returning a leased car early ultimately boils down to communicating with your respective dealership about a specific date that you wish to return said vehicle and letting the service center run a preliminary inspection to see where they state if the car is. After that has been verified, you must return all of the following :

  • Keys and key fobs
  • Owner’s manual
  • Entertainment system headphones
  • Miscellaneous accessories included in the

lease package

  • Original manufacturer wheels
  • Power charging cables for electric wheels

Lease-End Options for Returning a Leased Car

Lease a New Vehicle

You can choose to upgrade your vehicle to a new model. This is usually the simplest method that Lebanon area drivers can take to return a leased car, as the dealer will pay off your remaining balance. If returning a leased car early results in an outstanding balance, then this will be applied to an upcharge monthly payment on the new vehicle.

Buy Your Leased Vehicle

Carthage drivers like you can also consider purchasing your vehicle outright. While this may seem like the most expensive option to returning a leased car, depending on how much time you have left on their lease, a dealership may offer other financing options that will take away the financial burden.

Return Your Vehicle

If you have made it to the end of your lease, you can always return your vehicle to the dealership. Afterwards, you can take time to build up their credit to get the car that matches your unique needs.

Stop by Cookeville Honda for all Your Finance Needs!

Are you still curious about returning a leased car in or around Nashville? Our finance experts are here to help answer any and all questions that you may have. They will also notify you of our new vehicle specials to help you save money! Contact us for more information!


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