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Honda Oil Changes in Cookeville

Oil Change

It used to be that oil changes were necessary every 3,000 miles, but modern advances have ensured drivers don’t need to seek Honda oil changes in Cookeville anywhere near as often. Most modern vehicles can go between 5,000 and 7,500 miles without needing their oil changed.

However, no engine oil lasts forever, and driving with insufficient or old oil can lead to anything from poor mileage to major engine damage. That’s why our service center has put together a quick look at:

  • The Importance of Engine Oil
  • Common Signs Engine Oil Needs Replacing

The Importance of Engine Oil

Every Nashville driver should already know that engine oil is important, but they might not know exactly why it’s important, and that’s often one of the main reasons they put off oil changes. In fact, your engine oil will be performing vital tasks during every drive. These include:

  • Removing Contaminants: Things like dust, dirt, and small metal particles can form a gunk in your engine that impacts performance when it isn’t removed by engine oil.
  • Avoiding Overheating: Overheating occurs without the proper lubrication provided by engine oil. Oil also circulates through the engine to keep things cool.
  • Prevent Metal-on-Metal Contact: Without proper lubrication, metal-on-metal contact can wear down key parts of your engine.

Common Signs Engine Oil Needs Replacing 

Over time, engine oil will break down and become dirty, so you should watch out for any of the following warning signs:

  • Persistent Check Engine Light
  • Knocking or Rumbling Sounds from the Engine
  • Visible Exhaust Fumes
  • Shaking While Idling

You can also check the oil yourself. Simply wait until the engine has cooled off, pop the hood, then slowly draw out the dipstick. If the oil is noticeably dirty or discolored, it almost certainly needs to be replaced.

Let Our Service Center Take Care of Honda Oil Changes in Cookeville

Whether you require assistance with financing a new vehicle or want to keep your current one running in prime condition, our team can help. For any further advice or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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