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The 2015 Honda Civic Type -R 

Every Honda Needs Service! Even The Type-R

There isn't a car in the world that will continue to function at full throttle without a tune up here and there. With a tune up you can do things like change oil, get break pads, change your belts and your fluids. Fortunately, it's never been easier. You can just walk in and we'll fix everything for you, we even have a special known as Car Doc that will help you save money while you do it!

You car's oil is like blood is to you. It flows through you getting rid of wastes, and filling your body with oxygen and nutrients. A Honda functions the same way with it's oil. The only difference is your body changes its own blood, and your car does not change its own oil.

If you service your oil regularly, and do the required maintenance Honda's have been known to last a long time even over a million miles in some cases. Saving on the price of a new car can easily trump saving on the price of car maintenance.

 Why not stop in for some of our legendary Cookeville Honda service today!  

Car Doc at Cookeville Honda

Car Doc At Cookeville Honda

When it comes to maintenance, why not try car doc? Car Doc is an amazing auto service program where you spend $1,000 up front and we give you service that equates to $3,500. The reason why we can do it is that instead of advertising and trying to spend that money on getting you to come back into the store, we can put that money into you and keeping your Honda in tip top shape!

For that $1,000 dollars here is what service you get!

  • Road side assistance with Road America for 5 years!
  • Unlimited New Keys! 
  • 15 Oil Changes
  • 2 Brake Servicing sessions(Get your brake pads replaced twice)
  • 5 engine air filter replacements
  • cabin air filter replacement
  • 1 four wheel alignment
  • 1 fuel induction
  • 7 tire rotations
  • 1 four wheel alignments
  • free car washes
  • fill up your tires with air for free
  • Free loaner cars
  • Car Fax on your current vehicle
  • Free vehicle appraisals
  • $500 Dollars toward your next purchase of a new or used car
  • 12% discount off all parts and services
This is a really good deal on our service! It's practically trading in your loyalty for a discount on prices! Our service is second to none.

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2015 Accord Honda Sedan 

The 2015 Honda Civic Is a fairly amazing car, ask if Car Doc comes with this new Honda! Planning ahead never hurts and with the amazing service provided at Cookville Honda you're going to love us!

the 2015 Honda Odyssey 

Come in today! We have amazing maintenance professionals who can help 

finish getting your Honda done with service and out on the road where it belongs!

We believe in giving our customers the very best customer service in every way possible. We'd like you to come visit us. We want to show you the level of serve that only Cookeville Honda can provide!

We look forward to giving you legendary Cookville Honda superior service!

The 2015 Honda Pilot! 

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