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The 2016 Honda Civic, Coming Soon

The 2016 Honda Civic, Change Happens


Imagine you're in your early 20's riding down the road, this great car speeds past you and you catch a glance of the green blur of a car whiz past you as you cross paths. You both happen to be going to the same sea food restaurant. Your thoughts race and your imagination runs wild. What kind of person is in that car? With amazing options like a rear view camera, Honda link navigation and a sleek design it's very little wonder that people stare at a top of the line car like this!

This car will give you an amazing experience. The 2016 Honda Civic is an easy on the eyes with it's sleek design, and it's engineered to be an amazing vehicle all around. It'll impress nearly anyone and leave a glimpse of your importance and just a general feeling of, "I want to be them!" When you go to drive a Honda Civic, you temporarily step from reality. When you are walking, you are the person you are. When you drive a car, people think of you as, "That guy in the Honda," or, "That…
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