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Set up Honda Odyssey Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and program Radio Presets in Cookeville, Tennessee

We've all been there -- you just purchased a new vehicle, you get behind the wheel, ready to drive to Nashville TN, but wait -- you forgot how to operate all this new technology! And with the new 2016 Honda Odyssey, there's plenty of new tech in a fun-to-drive package.

Let's learn together how to set up Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and how to program Radio Presets on your new Honda Odyssey.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink lets you place and receive phone calls through your Odyssey's audio system while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands safely on the wheel -- and pairing your phone with your new Odyssey couldn't be simpler.

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, then press the Settings button on your dash. Use your selector knob to make the following choices on the upper screen. Select Phone Settings and Bluetooth Device List, then Add Bluetooth Device. Press Enter to to select OK, then select your device once it appears on the list. You are now connected to HandsFreeLink!

Watch the above video for more information and different features of Bluetooth HandsFreeLink.

Back in the day, there were no touchscreens when it came to your vehicle's radio system, so setting your Radio Presets wasn't the easiest thing in the world. But it's easy as pie with your new Honda Odyssey, which can store up to 12 stations!

To set your favorite radio stations, select Audio Source from on your Display Audio Touchscreen, then select FM. Tune to your desired station, then select Presets. Choose the Preset number where you want to store the station, then hold it down until you hear the system beep. And that's it!

Watch the above video for more information on setting radio presets.

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